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Little Trouts Woodworks

Reward Jar

Reward Jar

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🌟 Introducing our NEW Reward Jars! 🌟🏆🎉

🌈Customize Your Way: Choose from a variety of colors and fonts to make this reward jar uniquely yours. Add any child's name or a teacher's name to make it extra special! 🎨✍️

 Encourage Positive Behavior: Our Reward Jar is designed to promote positive behavior and create a fun and engaging learning environment. Each jar comes with 16 tokens that your child earn and then redeem for a prize or reward! 

Tokens Galore: Choose from star tokens or flower tokens! Watch as the excitement builds with every earned token, motivating kids to shine brightly and be their best selves! 

📚🏫 Perfect for Teachers: Teachers can use our Reward Jar to inspire their students, recognize achievements, and foster a positive classroom dynamic. It's a fantastic tool to cultivate a love for learning and good behavior in the little ones! 🍎👩‍🏫

📏 Dimensions: Approximately 5.5" x 8.5" – the ideal size to display on desks or shelves and make the reward system easily accessible to children!

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